The Elegant Style of Jacqueline Kennedy

It’s #throwbackthursday again! I came across these three photos of young Jackie Kennedy  lighting candles for a small party at home. She looked so elegant in the photos. The atmosphere was romantic.  She made people feel that It is such a beautiful thing to host a family party or for the people you love. Isn’t it?  Inspired  by her elegance, I decide to post some photos of her restoration of White House and her iconic fashion style in the pink suit.

jackie-jacqueline-bouvier-kennedy-lighting-candle-dinner-party-2 jackie-jacqueline-bouvier-kennedy-lighting-candle-dinner-party-3 jackie-jacqueline-bouvier-kennedy-lighting-candle-dinner-party

Young Jackie Kennedy lighting candles for a small party at home


Jackie Kennedy restoration of White House, 1961


Jackie Kennedy in her iconic Chanel pink suit.



White House Red Room, 1962, American Empire style


White House Blue Room, 1963, French Empire style

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