The Fashion and Home Styles of Joan Rivers

As a successful woman, What was Joan River’s typical workday like —“up and ricocheting among her office, where she brainstorms her irreverent rants and witty one-liners with assistants; the QVC headquarters in Pennsylvania, where she tapes segments for her jewelry and fashion collections; casinos and theaters around the world, where she performs stand-up comedy…”

Yes, she is not only remembered by  the  funniest woman in America but also by her contribution to fashion.  As one of the hardest working women, she lived formally in New York and had a country house in Connecticut. In memory of Rivers, let’s take a look at her fashion and home styles:

1. Lived very formally in New York—her Neo-French classical style home designed by reknown architect Horace Trumbauer.

“Features 23-foot ceilings, spacious reception rooms, several fireplaces and a Master Suite that has views of Central Park and New York City.”



2. Her Connecticut country house

“I wanted big ceilings, lots of light, but small and cozy, a home where grand would not apply, where my dogs could jump up on the sofa and have a life.”




3. Her gorgeous jewelry collection

j156534.003jvj-2 j264158.001 j275734.001jvj-1 


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