Mix and Match—The Spring Story of 2015


art-3There are some mobile photos we just want to post immediately on social medias to share our excitements at that very moments .  There are some photos, however, we take from our gadgets with our hearts.  We take time to perfect them over and over again because we are so passionate about them.   Then, we go back to these photos again and again for pure joy.  They become timeless beauties in our eyes.

Spring in Los Angeles is always amazing.  We traveled a lot this year and took a lot of  photos. We chose these three photos for this design project and the end result looks pretty cool.  The room is featured with the chinoiserie wallpaper and antique Chinese rug. The clean-line furnishings contrast nicely with this whimsical background.  The mix-and-match of colors and styles of chairs and photo frames adds a sense of playfulness. Peacock is always the theme of Chinoiserie. With flower blossom, birds and butterflies,  the spring  story of 2015 is now kept in this room.

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