5 Tips to Create an Elegant Outdoor Space

Enjoy the sunshine
Enjoy the sunshine

Happy National Ice-cream Day!  The day to pamper yourself.   And most importantly, enjoy your yummy ice-creams in a stylish way—outdoor and with art.  In SoCal, we love to celebrate every event outdoors.

Here are 5 tips to create an elegant outdoor space to celebrate everything:

1. Have super comfortable and indoor-quality seatings. It can be just a chair.  So you can truly chill out.

2. Use pop-up of colors—that will make you happy.

3. Install outdoor drapery panels—create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

4. Create space for your hobby—art painting, reading corners or mini-bar.

5. Have some delicate decor accessories—fresh flowers and trays.  Something a little bit fancy to put you in the relaxing mood.

Please let me know what you think.

Happy Sunday



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