5 Steps to Transform a Space with High Style

The office Before
The office Before

#Thowbackthursday today! Here is the project we finished last year. The original office was kind of plain and no well-advised furniture plan. The furniture client had was really bulky for the space and maybe too traditional. The goal to transform this space is to make it more energetic, youthful and light. Here are the steps we did:

1. Install geometric graphic wallpaper on the focal wall. The fresh vivid pattern and colors immediately light up the whole space and make it more upscale.

2. The original space had too much wood furniture crowded together  to make it look really heavy. Rather we chose a glossy  lacquer-finished orange writing table and a black-white French console  to make it very delightful, fashionable,  youthful yet functional enough!  The whole space now feel much airy and  bigger.

3. We had chosen this black-and-white artwork on the wall to contrast with the new bright colors and add another layer to the room. Also, the artwork is able to talk to the black-white console.

4. Two pink-pleated crystal chanderliers  make the space very elegant and feminie.

5. Style the desk and chest with flowers. Flowers fresh up the space immediately.

I hope you enjoy this little project tour.

All the Best




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