Before and After of a Family Room with the Outdoor Connection


Indoor-outdoor connection is a big trend now.  They can make your home feel more expansive and light filled, and can encourage flow between indoor and outdoor rooms.   If you plan a renovation and think about this, here is one of our projects I would like to share with you that creates great indoor-outdoor connection.  Here are the feature designs:

  1. A walk-out family room with a folding door that can be completely pulled away to blend indoors and out.
  2. Have a signature conversation seat in the middle of the room to open up the space and enhance the flow.
  3. A big white chandelier hanging over the seat creates a focal point.
  4. Have a octagon table sit by the folding door to make the space more interesting.
  5. Tailored roman shades give a touch of elegance for  this family room.
  6. Art works by the corner  get rid of the dead space in the room and create a fantasy.
  7. Have fresh flowers everywhere just to put a smile on your face.   We are happier when we are close to nature.

Time flies. Before summer ends, shouldn’t we  take advantage of the warm weather and find more ways to connect with nature?  I hope you enjoy these 7 tips.

All the Best


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