5 Tips to Create a Casual Formal Meeting Room at Home


It is just so much fun to create a little meeting space at home.  It can be for a business meeting or just a casual talk.  The purpose here is to create a quiet and relaxing space where guests feel comfortable to carry a conversation. Here are 4 ways to create such a fabulous place just like the one we did above.

  1. Creating a seating area with different styles of chairs.  This is home and you definitely don’t want to make it a plain meeting room like the one in the office.
  2. Do have a good-quality rug to bring everything together. That will help people stay with the conversation.
  3. Show your hobbies.  Maybe it’s a chinoiserie vase you bought from one of your trips or a gold telesope object.  Those are type of things you can talk about and always make the  conversation so much fun.
  4. Have fresh flowers to light up the mood.
  5. Keep it simple.  You definitely don’t want to overdo it.

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