4 Steps to Create a Casual Party Decor at Home


Fall is the party season.  We tend to  like to  connect each other more in this warm and colorful season.  People love hosting parties at home.  However, some of them feel very intimated to host one at home.  Actually, it can be quite simple and relaxing if you have the right pieces before your parties. We just got some new arrivals for our barware collections.  we tried some of them out and created a party set  last Sunday.  It’s pretty fun.  Here are 4 steps I love to share with you on how to host an elegant casual party at home.


  1. Color palette is the key.   Natural + gold is the trendy theme for this fall.   With a natural backdrop,  it’s a great idea to have  some gold glasses with modern design to cheer up the mood.  They  look fresh and chic just  like two of the gold crosshatch tumbler we have here.   They are very pleasant to both look at and drink with.
金色交叉条纹平底玻璃杯 shopping for this item


2. Bring out your best china.  It’s fun to use those fancy china you usually store  away.  When you start to use them more, you start to appreciate them more.  I love to add a little bit chinoiserie among a group of gold pieces to add a touch of ladylikeness.  Maybe the history behind chinoiserie is where we start a conversation with.   The plates here are also mix-and-match to create a casual and chill vibes.


3. Have a floral center piece.  We made the floral arrangement in this tall gold vase.  The vase is in a very modern form.  It looks pretty fancy itself and all you need is to put in flowers you get from your grocery store.

Shopping for this item

4.   Time to put everything together.



Hope you like our party set.  I will talk about the table and  custom-made chairs in our next post.





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