Lee Radziwill’s Glamorous New York Apartment

Several days ago, when I browsed through my Instagram and I read the news of Lee Radziwill.  — an legendary international socialite and fashion icon, the little sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is now with Jackie forever.


I have always been obsessed by her  fashion and interior decorating styles—artsy, chic, elegant and with touch of surprises . She owned homes in New York, Paris and London.  Today I would like to share some of her New York apartment photos which was published by Architect Digest in 1975

The highlight for this New York apartment is really that red-velvet upholstered wall in her living room—it’s  sumptuous, luxury, feminine, warm and inviting.  It’s enliven the antique, artworks and old furnishings in the space. She mentioned that the reason she wanted vivid colors because she just experienced  the “white period” and want something different.

I always feel that red color makes regency furniture look good and alive.
Love the artworks and antiques.
I love how she played red with lemon green.
Each living room needs a fireplace.

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2 thoughts on “Lee Radziwill’s Glamorous New York Apartment

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