3 Steps to Float a TV Wall

One of the things I like to do when I design a modern space is to add more layers for depths and architectural interests. Therefore, the space will not look too plain, cold and boring.

For San Gabriel Valley project we did, I added a white TV panel above the client’s existing white TV stand and float about 1″ from the wall, then install LED light behind of the white panel.

Here is the Before:


Here is the After:


So, here are 3 steps we did to achieve the look:

  1. Use 2×4 wood strips to build a frame onto the TV wall. The length and width of the frame are 2″ less than those of the TV white board cover.
    woodframe1.jpg2. Wrap LED tape light around the wood frame.


Get the materials:



3. Install the white cover on the top:

tv coverpanel.jpg
You can paint it in white or cover with your favorite wallpaper. You also can use white hardboard from Home Improvement store and use end-cap around the wall panel.

Get the materials:

White Hard Board


Hope you feel the above information helpful


Shop TV Panel(Click Each Image forDetails)


Happy Friday


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