5 Ways To Use Greenery Garlands for your Holiday Decoration


The holiday season is just around the corner.  we hope you are excited as much as we are. As you know, all of the beautiful things are out there.   After all , the holidays are about celebrating the special moments with family and friends. So plan the celebration ahead and plan it well.

There are many many ways to decorate your holiday home. And besides Christmas trees, greenery garlands, for sure, can play off another drama for your holiday decor. You can get them from Trader Joe, nurseries, flower markets or DIY by yourself. The key here is to get the real one. We guarantee the natural lush greenery garlands will instantly fresh your mind, put you in the mood and make you feel like you are in paradise.

So today, we are going to talk about 5 ways to leverage these natural greenery garlands:

  1. Hang around your front door to gracefully greet your guests.:




2. Drape around the stair rails.


3. Beautify your china cabinet.


4. Yes, hang above your bed to  have a sweet dream about Santa.


5. Drape loosely on your open shelves decorated with in-season citrus fruits like lemon and lime.



Happy Thursday


We are runningholiday design programs now and let us know how we can help: info@khkdesignsinteriors.com


Farm Fresh Holiday Wreath Decorated with Pine Cones and a Bow, 22 Inch




Farm Fresh Holiday Wreath Decorated with Pine Cones and a Bow, 22 Inch



Fresh-Cut Table Top Christmas Tree | Black Hills Spruce | 3ft.- 4ft. W/Stand


Jackson & Perkins Cozy Rosemary Live Tabletop Christmas Tree Herb Gift, Potted in a Festive Knot Burlap Style Bag



Preserved Boxwood Cone Topiary Original Natural Boxwood Christmas Decor Plant(Cone Topiary, 17 inch)







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