6 Tips for Your ThanksGiving Table-Top

As ThanksGiving is coming next Thursday, it does require a little bit energy to put up a good festive dinner  for family and friends.  And  yes we all know  that means  a good-looking table top and some interesting recipes  besides traditional ThanksGiving dishes. So, we share 6 tips to set up table-tops in an elegant way  and hope you will get inspired. After all, life is about celebrating every special moment, specially those with family.

  1. Yes, pumpkins, pumpkins and pumpkins for your Thanksgiving dinner table–all different colors and sizes. They look particularly festive when paired with greenery and fresh jewel-tone flowers.



2. Besides pumpkins, go ahead to use pomegranates, red apples, permissions, and cranberries…thanksgiving-decorations-standthanksgiving-decorations-centerpieceimages2

3. Have a touch of gold and have some glitters: silver, gold, mercury candle holders, glasses, vases…


4. A touch of Chinoiseries to add some sophistication and elegance to the table.


5. Light the table up by candles —they are moody and romantic.


6. Use the current trendy color palette to fresh up the table-top display

This chocolate brown paired with green striped table cloth is just on the trend.

Happy Saturday


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