Behind-of-the-Scene Story for KHK Designs’ Home for Holidays 2019–Entry

Well, we know we all want a grand entry to feel special. But sometimes, we may not have that space to create that drama moment.  If this is your case too, please continue to read our blog.

So, we have many clients who even have a big house but not for their entry. So for this year’s Home for Holiday entry, we focus on creating a translucent, cheerful modern entry with fashion-forward but muted color palette  incorporating old and new, and artwork and books to achieve a youthful yet sophisticated look. It may be a compact space but layered with a big style.


Holiday season is always about a lot of drama, busyness, chaos. So we want to create an actually holiday get-away at home. Rather than the traditional saturated rich color palette, we use warm cream  at the entry to set a quiet and elegant tone for the rest house. Yet the gilded finish on a Louis XVI chair and lavender pillows , the brass and silver  accents on the book-covers add a dose of holiday festiveness. The clear acrylic side-table with a white sparkling Christmas on it is such a crisp contrast with that traditional Louis XVI chair. So there is a burst of youthful energy that gives you a hope something new is going to break through.

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Happy Tuesday

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