TOP 15 Home &Interiors Trends from Pinterest 100 2020

Pinterest  just released Pinterest 100 for 2020.  The report shows what people all over the world want to try next—from the everyday to the extraordinary.  To make the Pinterest 100, a topic has to show sustained, upward growth over time. For this year’s report, Pinterest compared global search volumes from August 2017–July 2018 and August 2018–July 2019. Pinterest identified 100 rising trends and categorized them into 10 cultural themes. And here, we are going to give our picks on home & interior trends in the report.

  1. Garden room:  Searches for Garden Room  are up +104%. We all know that nature can have an impact on your overall wellbeing, so incorporating a garden room into your space can pay off. And you can read our blog on how to create an indoor garden here25-Lovely-Indoor-Jungle-Ideas-That-Will-Enhance-Your-Room-15af3f11b0e675c81c510986ed5431df351-700x525

2. Microgreens growing indoor:  Searches for micro greens growing indoor are up +223% We are all dreaming to grow our own kitchen herb gardens to have that from-farm-to-table experience, aren’t we?. According to Pinterest, microgreens, whether it’s herbs or salad fixings, are all the rage right now. You can click here to see our blog on how to grow your kitchen herbal garden.


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3. Work from home outfit: Searches for this section are up 82%. I guess we all get it. You have to dress up like a boss to feel like a boss.


4. Granny pods backyard cottage: Searches for this category are up 159%. Granny pods are small modular homes that are outfitted with high-tech medical features—have become more and more popular with those caring for elderly loved ones. People  are curious about how these cottages, which are designed for backyards, might work for their family members.


5. Audio room: Searches for Audio Room are up 803%.  We all agree that  life is way more fun with music, don’t we?


6. Indoor water fountains: Searches for indoor fountain are up 917%. Whether you opt for a statement waterfall, fountain, or a charming indoor pond, incorporating water into your home will make your space more calming and good for Fengshui too.


7. Home theater design: Searches for home theater design are up 368%. You can’t go wrong with a binge-worthy home theater, and pinners agree.


8. Home coffee stations: Searches for home coffee stations are up 751! If reworking your coffee station has been on your list for far too long, it’s time to make it a priority.






9. Spanish style bathrooms. Searches for Spanish Style Bathrooms are up 309%.From eye-catching tile ideas to striking archways, Spanish-style bathrooms are a top design choice.




10. Indian living rooms. Searches are for Indian Living Room are up 2080%. People really like the decor with exquisite elements.


11. French antiques: Searches for French antique are up 384%. Obsessed with all things French? French-inspired decorative accents, including patinated mirrors, are popular right now.


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12. Australian garden landscaping. Searches for Australian garden landscaping are up 781%.



13. Japanese soaking tubs: Searches for Japanese Soaking Tubs are up 563%. Any space would feel more luxe with a Japanese-style soaking tub. According to Pinterest, design enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand are particularly interested in this style of bathtub.


14.Outdoor kitchen bars: Searches for outdoor kitchen bars are up 2795%.


15. Bring outdoors inside: Searches for Bring Outdoors Inside are up 108%





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