Behind-of-the-Scene Story for KHK Designs’ Home for the Holidays 2019—Little Christmas Corner

Well, Christmas is less than a week.  Is your home ready for the holidays yet? If not, we totally understand because we all have a busy life.  And to  be honest, there’s really  nothing to worry about.  It is what it is.  Here is a trick question you can ask yourself from now on to Christmas : what is one thing, one little thing that I can do to make my home festive—that little things can be just decluttering your yearly-around mail mess, re-styling your bookshelf, getting  rid of tired decor on your coffee table, add some fresh greenery and citrus fruits on your display plates… So, from today, we are going to share some simple tips to make you home holiday ready.  As you know, we, Californians, always love laid-back style.  So, please read on.

If you don’t have that much energy to do the whole-house Christmas decoration, we know that can be a daunting job, why not focus on one area in your house to make it festive, sweet, warm and super cute.  We always love to dress up a little Christmas corner–use a pop of color, an unique piece of artwork, a statement furniture, and of course a fresh Christmas tree and some very cute Christmas gift boxes. Then you may feel you don’t really need to travel  anywhere for the holidays but just chill out at this soothing corner with a lot of holiday cheers.


So here is our little Christmas corner for this year. It’s modern, chic, mixing high-and-low with some traditional Christmas elements.

Chic—a fresh nutral color palette: light pink , taupe, brown and white to make all of Christmas things shine.

Organic—We contrast traditional checkered pattern Christmas packages with brown paper wrapped packages to bring in some organic vibes.

Natural—We always love everything natural including Christmas trees.

Festive—Color of red somehow always bring holiday cheers to people.

Hope you find the above tips helpful and can reduce a little stress out of you.

If you love the above look, you can shop below:

Designer Collection furniture and artwork, please contact us for prices:

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Shop for the accessories:

SAWTOOTH BOWL-RUSTIC WHITE BOWEL(17″DIA. X 6.75″H (7.7 LB)-Crisp, symmetric ridges accentuate the rounded shape of the Sawtooth Vase. Textured, matte white Portuguese ceramic, $190(free shipping until Dec. 31st)

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LARGE FROSTED GREY W/AMBER CASING,Cased glass vases made in amber colored interiors with pale grey exteriors. Both the interior and exterior are originally shiny glass, until our artisans apply a chemical etching to the exterior surface to help create a soft texture giving contrast to the shiny interior. The final design has been hand “pulled” while still molten into the shapes you see here, and also “pinched” on the front edge to add special emphasis to the bulging shape where the tip originates. $135( Free shipping until Dec. 31st)

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Shop for fresh Christmas trees and gift boxes:

National Tree 7.5-Foot North Valley Spruce Tree, Hinged (NRV7-500-75)


American Greetings Christmas Wrapping Paper Reversible Jumbo Roll, Red and Black Plaid and Polka Dots (1 pack, 175 sq. ft.)



If you are still looking for holiday gift ideas, please click here for our Holiday Guides 2019

If you are entered in our interior design packages, please click here for our holiday interior design packages


Happy Wednesday

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