6 ways to Master the Art of Mixing and Matching for Your Home Decor

We often have fun to mix  high and low, old and new and of course different aesthetics. Mixing of all kinds will add interest and character into the space.  In order to keep the cohesive vibe overall, we will have to  use some common elements to thread through the different layers.  And  here is the case study for the corner space for the project we recently designed. We would like to create a chic, fresh, elegant, polished decor  style while still keeping it inviting and cozy.  Here is how we did it—today, we are going to share 6 tips on how we artfully mix high and low, modern and classical, old and new to achieve this goal.

  1. Rule #1, always keep an overall color palette  neutral if you are going to take a mix& match approach.
Color palette–cream, ivory, champaign, blush, muted pastels, blue, orange and gold

2.  Make an investment on well-crafted furniture since they are big, heavy and most likely, you  will stay with them in a very long time. So please, please choose ones you fall in love with and have some cool, fresh design elements attached to these furniture at the same time. If they are chairs, ottoman or sofa, make sure they are super comfortable for you to sit on.

We love this comfy  ivory and gold  French chair in the corner with ultra plush-down seating–it’s dressy, classical yet very fashion-forward at the same time.  It is a piece that is definitely worthy of an investment.

Shop the chair in the design:

For designer furniture piece—please email info@khkdesignsinteriors.com for the best price



Shop the elegant desk in the design:


Parisian Desk
For designer furniture piece—please email info@khkdesignsinteriors.com for the best price


Shop the handsome desk chair in the design:

For designer furniture piece—please email info@khkdesignsinteriors.com for the best price

Click the following image and shop the blush ottoman in the design:

Rather than a matching-matching ivory color ottoman, we chose a blush and gold modern ottoman to break through an otherwise traditional style and bring in some fun and youthful energy.


Click the following image and shop the brass floor reading in the design:


3. It’s all in the details.  Please  take time to craft and edit your vignettes.

Now it comes to the fun part of mixing-and-matching—styling an ottoman cocktail table. Again, we use bright orange color on the tray to bring in more fashion-forward elements. And a Japanese garden inspired Blue Pagoda pattern bowel is an anchor piece on this cocktail table vignette.  The oriental bowel plays with sparkling crystal candle holders and a litter blue crystal rat (yes, 2020 is the year of rat)


Shop the Blue Pagoda pattern bowel in the design

Wedgwood 40023898 Wonderlust Bowl 4.3″ Blue Pagoda

We love how this Japanese style blue bowel contrasts with sparkling crystals.

Click the image below and shop the crystal candle holders in the design


Click the image below and shop the  Chinese zodiac crystal rat:

SWAROVSKI Chinese Zodiac Rat Crystal Multicoloured 7.9 x 13.6 x 8.7 cm


Blue Taper Candles 15 Inch Extra Tall Unscented Premium Quality Dripless Smokeless Hand-Dipped Made in USA


4. Have something unexpected like this teal fabric wrapped  mirror in the design.

We chose this modern teal fabric mirror to emphasize  clean modern style.


Click the following image to shop the modern teal fabric mirror in the design:


Click the follow image to shop the table lamps in the design:

For designer decor piece—please email info@khkdesignsinteriors.com for the best price

5. Strategically plan to own 1 or 2 prestigious decor pieces every year like this blue hand-crafted  crystal vase on  desk.  well-design pieces like this blue crystal vase will always elevate any of your  interior.

We specially love how this blue dazzling crystal vase pairs with light pink fresh tulip banquet.

Click the image below and shop the blue crystal vase in the design:


Stargazer Barn – Pucker Up Bouquet – 2 Dozen Fresh California Grown Tulips with Vase


6. Flicking heavenly scented candles are true essentials to make any space warm, cozy moody and romantic.


Click the image below and shop the heavenly scented candle in the design:


Wedgwood Magnolia Blossom Box 5″, 5″, Blue and White



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Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 5.05.21 PM

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Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 5.16.34 PM

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Happy Friday


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