Long-Weekend Style

Guys, MLK long weekend! Time to take a short break. What is your long weekend plan?

The weather is beautiful here in LA and a beautiful sunny day.   So the top priority of my plan today is to soak in sunshine as much as I can.  This weekend is a MLK long weekend and if you plan to refresh your home soon, we have some great industry resources and deals for you, make sure you click here to check them out   

Well, strolling around the sunny downtown, stopping by news-stands, spending time in your favorite chic coffee shop,  visiting Disneyland, going to the party, taking the train, visiting your local floral market or simply sitting in front your computer and ordering fresh flowers from Amazon., …etc, I guess these are properly on your weekend list.

As you know, weekends are always my favorite time to browse around recent fashion on internet.  I came cross some street style fashion photos today and feel they really express our emotion towards to the weekends—casual, warm, comfortable, relaxing and cool and stylish.

Black and white is chic, modern while layer-on-layer style is casual,  warm, relaxing.
Wrapped yourself in this over-sized checkered pattern coat guarantee to keep you warm and stylish at the same time.


A touch of red pops up from the grayish winter atmosphere
When you keep yourself warm in winter, you can really enjoy sitting  by the side of frozen lake.
Casual and happy
Puffer is such a magical piece to keep you warm and cool at the same time in winter.
The best experience in winter– enjoy a cup of hot  coffee at maximum in a warm coat.


“When I dress warm, I can keep my cool while getting cross the street.”
Fresh pink roses and fur coat really go together.

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Happy Saturday

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