10 Ideas to Bring in Biophilic Design to Your Home

You may have heard   the terminology biophilic design a lot.  the design concept has being grown popularity in architecture and design industry in the recent years.  Simply put this way,   biophilic design  is all about wellness by  incorporating natural elements – such as circadian lighting, natural sounds or scenes– into the modern living environment.  According to many researches, brining in elements of nature into the built environment can reduce stress and lower heart rates and blood pressure, while also increasing creativity, productivity and well-being. Corporations like Apple, Google and Amazon are at the forefront of instilling biophilic design in their workspaces, and the idea has spread to homeowners and designers.

The term “biophilia” which translates to “love of nature” appeared for the first time in 1984. Edward Wilson, an American biologist and influential theorist at the time wrote a book titled Biophilia thus popularizing the term. Wilson brought up a bold hypothesis in the book, arguing that humans have an innate tendency to seek and form connections with nature. He stated that people can benefit greatly when they’re in close contact with nature and suffer if they’re excluded from it. When people focused on urban spaces, their bond with nature has weakened, and as a result, their health deteriorated. At the same time, a study conducted by Roger Ulrich’s provided objective proof that our health is greatly impacted by our environment. These theories and conclusions lead to great changes in architecture and that’s how biophilic design emerged.

The easiest ways for most homes to incorporate biophilic design are via plants , windows, skylights,  and the use of natural materials (i.e. wood and stone) and natural sounds, and aroma. We have put 10 ideas for biophilic design at home.

  1. Big windows always guarantee to bring in a lot of natural light.


2. And skylight in a room  is another effective way to bring in a lot of natural light.





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3. Live plants, green walls  and fresh flowers truly make any space alive.


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4. Grow herbs garden in your kitchen is a brilliant idea to bring outdoor in.






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5. The natural sound of  a water feature at home will calm you down.



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6. A lush window view always are a big plus for your home office.


7. Natural materials bring in warmth and relaxing vibes to any space.



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8. Books will not only serve as a decor but also help absorb a lot of background noises.





9. Try natural ways to make your home smell nice.


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10. Have alighting system that can slowly transfer light  from bright and cool in the morning  and to warm and dim in the evening.

Ketra ‘s LED lighting system known for making any space feel bathed in sunshine by producing a near-infinite spectrum to mimic the color and intensity of sunlight. Photo Credit: Zio & Sons

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