15 Well Designed Rooms Featuring with Rich Earth Tones

We all love  to cozy up in a moody room enveloped with rich earth colors that make us feel safe, warm and comforting. Vibrant oranges and yellows, cozy reds, sunny yellows, sultry greys, and earthy browns infuse spaces with energy and warmth, two things that are always good to have in a room, no matter the season.   Today, we are going to share 15 gorgeous rooms featuring with these warm colors that make us feel happy all day long and year around.







Rich earth tones color palette is one of the hot color trends both in fashion and interiors in the year of 2020. These saturated colors feature rich, earthy tones that you’d find in the forest or the ocean. Think rust, marigold, burnt sienna, sage, turmeric, deep navy and Prussian blue. These show-stopping shades create a relaxed palette that offer a rich backdrop to any room.


Peach and live Coral are an un-expected combo


Dark peach pars with  navy blue

Rich earth tones in the year of 2020 are new neutrals with twists.   When you think of neutrals, your mind probably wanders to shades of white, beige, or grey.   But this is far from the case when you use earth tones as a bold neutral! As the name suggests, these colors are derived from nature.   So, you get the building blocks of a neutral while still achieving a pop of color.

Unlike standard neutrals, earth tones can make your space feel moodier in the best possible way. They make an elegant statement on their own, but also create a gorgeous symphony of color when paired together!






When rich earth tones pair with pastels

Jewel + pastels is a very unexpected color combo which makes us feel so fresh and fashion-forward.


We love how this light liliact pairs with the burnt orange over the mantel.



Rich teal p[airing with pink is  modern yet very classic.
The rich teal serves as a perfect backdrop for light pink artwork .
Soft lime and emerald green create a modern flair in this farm house.


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Happy Tuesday



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