Home Tour—an Elegantly Layered New York Apartment


In the middle of the week, we all look for a little bit inspiration to carry on. We came across designer Lilse McKenna’ New York apartment and truly amazed by how she re-arranged the overall layout to maximize storage while still keeping a high style.  Let’s take a look at her NYC apartment home together.

1. A balanced color palette.

03 Living Room_Lilse Mckenna lead

The red vintage velvet sofa is aN original piece. We are glad  that Lilse still keeps the way it is. And she balanced the bright red color with a lot of blue and white in this room. By doing so, she is not only able to  make the room feel bright and airy, but also able to showcase the fabulous artwork on the wall and patterned fabric on the throw pillows, lamp shades and ottoman cover as well.

2. Style her mantle with books.

04 Living Room_Lilse McKenna

We really fall in love with the details on this mantle. And we were told that was one of the reasons that she bought this apartment. Often, our clients prefer to have a beautifully designed mantle or fireplace. Although the fireplace in the above photo is not functional any more, we love how Lilse used books to fill the fireplace opening. It is a such a great decorating idea.

3. One of our favorites in her apartment is this custom-made banquet area.

02 Living Room_lilse Mckenna

They don’t have a formal dining room. So this cute banquet area is serving as their dining room too.The color palette here is elegant and soothing yet the pop of red on the flower arrangement and throw pillows enlivens this dining area and brings in passion and energy. We love how designers used not so aloud patterns to give this space a layered look.


06 Living Room_Lilse McKenna

Another shot for their dining area. The patterns on the drapery trims, banquet fabric, lamp shades and throw pillows all vary in sizes. By doing so, all of those patterns together will not make the eye feel too busy.


4. A skirted table not only brings in a designer look but also solves a big issue for storage.

05 Living Room_Lilse McKenna

Just let you know that the console against the fireplace wall here  is actually an Ikea table. By dressing it up with skirted cover, here comes such an elegant elevated look.  Meanwhile, they just toss all their linens,towels right here under the skirt cover.

5. Relaxing pattern-on-pattern  in her bedroom

08 Bedroom_Lilse Mckenna

We love how she dares to use bold pattern-on-pattern in her bedroom yet still keep a very cool, soothing vibe thanks to the blue color as a thread to unify everything together.

6. A sleek modern kitchen to counterpoint the rest classical interiors.

07 Kitchen_Lilse McKenna

This is such a neat, streamlined functional kitchen and great for an urban life style. The contrast between this modern kitchen and rest of the layered classic interiors is so pleasing to the eye.

Hope you enjoy this tour.

Happy Wednesday


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