Design Industry are Stepping Up  Producing Medical Equipment

Good morning, guys, we run, jump and stretch in our backyard three times a day to keep ourselves excise and move all the time and get enough sunshine to naturally generate vitamin D that help enhance our immunity system . We just heard a news that there was a French guy who just finished running his marathon on his balcony. Wow, that is pretty awesome!  The point here is keep yourself busy like doing some home chores, DIY home improvement will definitely help you stay healthy.

The above video of Conan showing  you how to make simple repairs around the house just gives you some healthy doses of laughter.

Plus, when you take time to make your home beautiful, you do feel beautiful!  And now you have time to make it happen.  This is such a no-brainer investment.

Today’s inspiration comes from our design industry.   In the face of the growing coronavirus crisis, innovative design companies and leading manufactures  are stepping up producing medical equipment.

From interior design industry:

Hospital Mask Cover Challange🐝 we are donating all our usable fabric samples and fabric remnants to be upcycled into washable hospital mask covers to extend the usage of surgical masks during the shortages. We challenge all designers, fabric stores, workrooms and fabric distributors to do the same. In NWA please reach out to the Arkansas Arts & Fashion Forum for donation and volunteer opportunities. Please check in your area for similar groups to donate materials and time to.

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Woodard’s upholstery department is gearing up to make up to 1000 non-N95 masks PER DAY for first-responders, medical personnel and patients. Medical facilities in need of these masks can find more information on our home page (link in bio).
The prototype of the mask covers that Woodard is producing  Courtesy of Jean Liu

Woodard talented upholsterydepartment is staying on to sew as many as 1000 non-N95 masks per day to donate to medical facilities in need.

If you are a medical facility in need of masks, please contact Nick Ades or Louie Zelenka.



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The Massachusetts-based luxury linen brand Matouk is preparing to step up its participation. “Our immediate goal was to donate bedding and towels to temporary hospitals and shelters that were being set up to accommodate the COVID-19 patients, or those impacted by it. But as the need for sanitary face masks and other personal protective equipment quickly escalated to a crisis, we realized that we could shift our manufacturing to supply these, as well,”
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Powerhouse furniture maker BDDW to seek retooling partners

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We’re a team of creative thinking craftsmen that have metal, and wood manufacturing capabilities. Please consider us for hospital beds, triage equipment, or specialty items. No matter where in the US you are, please consider our help. We’re an online company and can ship nationwide. For those in New Orleans, our shop can host volunteers, drive thrus, or food drops while maintaining social distance. This virus knows no boundaries. Now is our chance to work as one.

New Orleans–based Alex Geriner, founder of furniture maker Doorman, tellsAD PRO that he is firming up agreements with friends at local nonprofits to start making hospital beds, rolling carts, and other health care goods. Set to help are as many as 100 volunteers—all of whom will of course practice social distancing.

From fashion industry:

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 8.50.59 AMScreen Shot 2020-03-26 at 8.51.14 AM


italian luxury fashion house prada has announced that it will manufacture 80,000 medical overalls and 110,000 masks to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. following a request from the tuscany region, prada began the production of the equipment on march 18, 2020 and is seeking to allocate the overalls and masks to healthcare personnel by april 6, 2020. the articles are being produced internally at the prada factory in montone, perugia, which has stayed open for this purpose.



H&M has said that it will also use its manufacturing power to produce and provide hospitals and healthcare workers with protective gear.

in other news, designers are finding ways to support health systems and fill a shortage of ventilators with some taking to 3D printing.

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Italian engineers and fabricators volunteer to rapidly 3D-print respirator valves

Stay Safe and Stay Strong

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