Global Home Tour III–a Sophisticated London Home

Today, we are going to tour  the super stylish Creative Director of VistaJet – the world’s premiere private aviation service – Nina Flohr’s London home.  You can clickhere and here to read the first two episodes of our global home tours.

We love  her jewel-tone warm color palettes, the mix of elegant textile patterns , sumptuous furnishing material finishes and a cozy and laid-back vibe.  Let’s take a look together.

The subtle gold wall-covering elevates and lights up a narrow hallway . A fresh orange flower arrangement adds a dose of excitement. We love the view in the hallway that is able to see a very elegant drapery on the landing area of the stairs , which hints a sophisticated taste for the rest of the home.
The almost monogram of color of green creates such an elegant, soothing and luxurious feel while the mustard lounge chair, bright yellow flowers and pink on the artwork truly spice up this lovely living room.  A neutral nature are rug ground the whole space and let the eye take a break from all of the greens here.  The mood here is quiet yet cheerful—a kind of feeling we are all desperate to create for our home.


A super chic and cozy dining room area. A vintage orange red channeled curved banquette has a nice contrast with the green wall in the back. The shape of the round mirror on the wall echos the circle pattern on the drapery. 3 sets of natural wicker chairs make this dining area feel relaxed. An Eero Saarinen  oval marble table is light, playful and youthful and also serves as a purpose to let the eye to take a break from all of the patterns here. 
We love this tailored floral drapery. It is modern and classical.
My goodness, this is such a dreamy day bed to die for. We love the red color here –a little bit of brown in it and nicely contrasts with the crispy whites on the beddings. It is a such a cozy enveloped place where we would love to cuddle up for a whole day. 
Such a genius idea to display her shoes in color coordinating way. A center table, a chandelier hung above it ,Louis XVI chairs and full-body  drapery panels make this walk-in closet a dream of all ladies.
The color palette of green and white makes this master bath such a  refugee.
The stripe patterned  chair, the flower wall paper, a vintage rug atop of a natural neutral rug and a mid-century mustard chair all harmoniously stay together in such a soothing and relaxing way.
Finally, here comes the outdoor area. The French mantle and an outdoor artwork are truly something to wow our eye.


Happy Saturday

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