5 Beautiful Backsplash Ideas

We recently got some requests on specifying kitchen backsplash tiles. We think it will be a good idea to put together some of our favorites here  in case you are landing on our blog today and happen to look for some cool ideas.

1. Chevron
If you love the timeless look of subway tile but are looking for something trendy with a little more character, chevron tiles might be your choice.  Chevron tile design takes a subway tile backsplash to new levels with dimensions and interest.




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2. Hexagon Tile
Unique hexagon-shaped tiles are as subtle, versatile and modern as subway tile, but with a geometric twist that adds personality and visual interest.



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3. Natural Stone Mosaics
Chic, elegant and versatile, a marble mosaic backsplash could be the perfect update for your kitchen in 2020.

Modern Kitchen Interior


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4. Glass

Colombe Design bolted pieces of glass on top of Pierre Frey wallpaper for a one-of-a-kind backsplash in a Warsaw kitchen that’s also easy to cleanup.

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5. Metal

Picturing a cold, uninviting kitchen? Think again. This stainless-steel backsplash designed by Martin Group manages to be both simple and totally glam.


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Happy Wednesday

2 thoughts on “5 Beautiful Backsplash Ideas

  1. For a classic kitchen, most people would go subway and hexagon tiles. It’s cheaper than natural and slab stones. Plus, you can use it to create a sort of design. But I read from this Caesarstone blog that steel and glass are two of the best kitchen backsplashes. What do you recommend for an everyday use kitchen at home?

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    • Shaun, thank you for the great tips. For everyday use kitchen at home, quartz like Caesarstone and porcelain slab will be good choices for the wear and tear and easy maintenance. They also give the kitchen a minimalism look and modern edge. I particularly love those design with an organic feel. What’s new for Caesarstone at KBIS?


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