9 Beautifully Landscaped Home Garden

Probably at this strange time,  the best getaway for some of us is a beautifully landscaped home garden.  I came across some stunning home gardens when I browsed internet today  and would love to share 9 of them that we fall in love with.

We love to see how lemon trees, olive trees, agave, other greenery  and flowers  add texture and color in these gardens.

Blue Fortune’ hyssop flowers bloom in a Minneapolis garden.  Photo: Oberto Gili

The color palette of blue and purple in this garden is stunning chic, elegant and will look good with any style of houses.

A quaint garden shed is surrounded by greenery at Christopher and Amanda Brooks’s English country home.

I have to say that I always have a thing with English gardens–they are just so dreamy, romantic and inviting.


Beneath a vine-clad pergola at the same home, vintage Indian lanterns dangle above an antique Pakistani table.  Photo: Tim Beddow

The antique table, exotic lantern and lush greenery are just amazing in the above photo—it is a perfect place to sip an afternoon tea and think nothing in a warm spring day.


The homeowners of this upstate New York lakeside getaway by McAlpine bought and razed a neighboring home to bring their property closer to its historic acreage; the plot is now occupied by a garden outfitted with chaise longues by Sutherland.  Photo: Pieter Estersohn

In the photo above, the original house plot is now a beautiful garden. It is such an ultimate luxury to enjoy nature at comfy home.


A Manhattan garden designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber is framed with mirror-backed trelliswork by Accents of France. Photo: William Waldron

The mirrors and red French chairs bring indoor outside—such a fantasy.


Jack, a Brazilian terrier, is at home in one of the garden rooms of this Isay Weinfeld–designed Brazilian villa, where vintage iron-wire chairs are pulled up to a florist’s worktable.  Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

The vintage chairs, rustic industrial pendants and super long worktable together create such a casual, relaxing yet romantic scene for people to enjoy an intimate outdoor party.


At Patrick Dempsey’s Malibu, California, home, landscaped by Shrader Design, flowers, herbs, and vegetables flourish in the garden’s raised beds, which are constructed from reclaimed scaffolding; the area is paved with gravel and stabilized decomposed granite.  Photo: Roger Davies

It looks like that raised beds are a thing in California and maybe an easier way to craft your garden without doing too much hard-scrape works.


A boxwood parterre is planted with violas and petunias on the grounds of a California residence landscaped by Elizabeth Everdell Garden Design.  Photo: Roger Davies

Somehow, the boxwood often make the garden look very formal and tailored-looking. And what more fascinating here is that you are able to look out of window with such a stunning violet flower view.


At the California home of architect Marc Appleton, the rose garden’s beds are bordered with hedges of dwarf myrtle. A Greek olive jar sits under a canopy of California live oaks. Photo: Matt Walla

Have you feel California vibes again here?  Yes, roses and large olive jar…


So what is your dream home garden  like?


Happy Friday



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