Art for Home

There is a magical about art at home. It brings the unique meaning and energy to a room. It enlivens any space. And it can trigger a conversation.  Although art often is about a personal taste, sometime, we choose one for our clients thanks to their trust and confidence on us.  If so, we would love to consider the color scheme, scale and theme to either elegantly blend in the room, or create a nice contrast and some surprises. The purpose is always to please the eye, bring pleasure to the heart, encourage a conversation or deep thinking, inspire imagination or inject a fresh energy to the space. Or it can be something that is very special to our clients.  Believe it or not, sometimes, we just want to relax a little bit. There is no particular reason to choose this art over others. Maybe it’s the love at the first sight. That might be the magical of the art.



For the project in the video above, we chose this black and white photograph to balance off the geometric-patterned green wallpaper to make easy on eyes. Also the room is our client’s home office, we simply don’t want to add too many distractions. And the pathway in the photograph gives viewers kind of infinity feel.


Click here to read our blog on how to hang art like a pro.

At this strange time, we feel we all need some color and imagination to stay cheerful and inspired. We handpicked some artworks here just for you(Click each image below for details):











Happy Friday

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