Project of Day—Patterned Tiles

We often introduce  new concepts and ideas to our clients. And they love to try these unique ideas. Patterned tiling for focal walls was kind of idea we introduced to the clients many years ago. Those beautifully designed wall tiles not only add interest, depth and dimension to the walls, they are extremely good at reflecting  lighting and creating very special lighting effect.  Tiles don’t absorb odors and are very easy to clean and disinfect. Some of them are even  featured with anti-microbial function which may play an important role for home’s special requirement today at the crisis of Covid-19 pandemics.

For the project in the video above, we were installing tiling inside and outside of a powder room. Outside of the powder room is the pale yellow vintage damask tiling wall  installed in the vertical way–it  is  elegant,understated  and will be served as a backdrop for a Regency rosewood console.  Inside the powder room is the large textured tiling wall inserted with rose patterned decorative tiles to create drama, excitement and romance.

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