House Tour—a Magical British Colonial Stunner in Florida


Celebrity Manhattan decorator Celerie Kemble decorated  a stunning new home for a couple.  The house is situated on the waterfront in Naples, Florida.  What really caught our eye are its indoor-outdoor flow, its details and a dream color palette.



Indoor-Outdoor Flow


According to Kemble, it’s a traditional home where the main rooms feel like grand entrances to the outdoors .



“Both the exterior and interior feel classic… With its enormous porch pavilion and smooth stucco colonnades with arches trimmed in white, it’s a riff on British Colonial style as seen in places like Barbados but jazzed up with a certain dream logic. Every part of the house engages the water, the light, and the outdoors simultaneously, twisting them together in clever, highly original ways.”

We love the free flow of the house. It’s truly designed for home party and entertainment—drinking, cooking swimming, dolphin watching, etc… in such an breath-taking waterfront scene.

Details, Details and Details


When there is neutral, the designer started to pay attention to the details like the puzzle-like wood flooring in this super sleek and minimalism white kitchen.

Color Palette


We love her  palette of white, pink, flax, navy, and the pale blue-green of sea glass, which is anchored with dark woods. Plus  the mix of glamorous furnishings and materials and  tribal-print indigo fabrics, wicker, teak and concrete make this home not just sophisticated but organic and authentic as well.  And then comes its unexpected pink exterior.  The shade , which was chosen by the designer is inspired by the color of a conch shell.   Conchs are known as  die-hard Floridians who stand their ground in spite of hurricanes.   When the client wants a pink exterior for a mega home, it’s a quite bold move.  But we love the pink shade here, it’s charm and romantic, creating  an inviting and intimate atmosphere still with a lot light and air.  You can read the whole story by clicking here.

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Happy Monday




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