7 Tips to Create a Chic and Glamorous Powder Room


A powder room is where you can create a drama to wow your guests.  So it is,  for sure,  a room that worthy  to make an investment. Today we are going to share 7 tips to create a  chic and glamorous powder room.

1. Install Stunning wallpaper.



If you are a little bit conservative in color and pattern, our recommendation is to go bold in your powder room and put up a good show.  It is quite fun to create a different vibe in your power room from the rest of the house. And wallpaper can help achieve this goal thanks to their vast diversified design and materials.

2.  Try a newly developed terrazzo tiles on the walls or floors.



Terrazzo tiles are on-trend in the last couple of years but in more modern and fashionable style thanks to the new colors and large-format patterns. They are fun and playful in an elegant way.

3.  Have a piece of large artwork or a gallery wall.


Artwork is the magical piece that elevate your powder room. Choosing one or a group of art pieces that touch your heart and make you pause. Your guests may share the same feeling too.


4. A statement  mirror


We often recommend a quite unique mirror for client’s powder room since it is how drama starts to play.





5.Wall Panelings



Installing  wall panelings will  dress up  your powder room in a second and add a touch of luxury vibe to this space.


6. Pretty in Black




Don’t be afraid use black color in your powder room, it makes this room glamours,  handsome and moody. The key is to have a good lighting design. And believe it or not, sometimes, candle lights also works magically in a all-black interior.


7. Yes, a good lighting design.




Try  a back-lit  mirror for a  very cool indirect lighting effect.


Use modern and sleek pendants for ascent   lighting to highlight the vanity counter.


And yes, we have a bonus one here : try a new wall-mount toilet. It will free up your small powder room space, help showcase your focal wall and create minimalism feel.


Happy Wednesday



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