Global Home Tour V—A Centuries-old House in Puglia

We all need a comforting escape, specially right now in this strange time.  So, today we are going to take you to a home  in Puglia, Italy.

The house was built  in the 1600s and had been through a five-year renovation.



What do you think?  Isn’t the house just like straight out of a fairy tale?   Don’t you just want to spend a long vocation here?  The house is owned by Bulgari’s Creative Director , Lucia Silvestri. Just like the way she hunts gemstones, she found and fell in love with  this house not just by the color, cuts but also by feeling its energy, the vibe that speaks to her, relax her and make her feel at home.  The house is one of heritage limestone houses with a signature conical roof  on the top.  These type of houses are called trullo and are unique to Puglia. These remarkable dwellings date as far back as the 14th century, and thousands of trulli (the plural for trullo) can be found in the town of Alberobello, a unesco World Heritage site in Puglia.

We like how Lucia’s local architect and interior designer Bepi Povia renovated this amazing   house  —-while keeping its authentic structure,  he created a sense of openness in the 900-square-foot home by installing generous windows and sliding glass doors in the bedroom and the living room, both of which open onto the courtyard.  Here are the highlights of our favorite spaces:


Family Room

James Merrell
James Merrell

We love this arched cove area with two modern custom banquettes. The floor is original and  the walls are sheathed in hand-troweled plaster. We love the contrast of smoothness(walls) and roughness(floors).   The furnishings on the banquettes are quite modern and chic. Yellow on the pillows adds a pop of color to this neutral space. Not far away, there is an antique hand-painted screen and a distressed table. The mix of modern and antique create quite timeless vibe.


The Living Room Area

James Merrell

Here is a living area off the courtyard . The furniture arrangement is relaxing and comforting with a touch of elegance thanks to two linen upholstered French chairs with  details and light-blue poufs. Then when you look up to the chandelier, you can see a jewel-like touch on the organic-form chandelier. A little surprise, right?


The Courtyard

James Merrell

Well, this is probably the favorite of our favorites. The long rectangular wood table continues the organic and natural vibe from indoor to outdoor and serves as a perfect backdrop for all of colorful Mediterranean gourmet foods.  Chairs and cushions are modern and chic. All the greenery in the courtyard enlivens the whole earthy-toned space.

You can tour the rest of the house by click here.

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