Home Tour–A Modern Classic Dallas Home with Edge


We are impressed by how the design team transformed this 1980s Georgian-style home with high glamor and edge while  keeping  its classical bone.  The house was originally designed by local architect Paul Turney and built to such a high level. So the design team decided just to add new flooring and windows with larger panes, an iron stair rail in lieu of a more traditional wooden version, and a stone surround for the front door rather than tearing down the original structure.  Other changes include opening up the kitchen and incorporating  an adjacent family room, reconfiguring the master bathroom and adding  a covered back patio for easier outdoor living.  Here are highlights of our favorite spaces. Let’s take a tour together.



Wow!   This entry just blows us away!  We love the high contrast of black and white marble tiles in the entry. It’s a truly drama but  chic and classical with its checkered pattern.  The black on the window frames,  stair rails and the  trims of the stair runner create such a cohesive and chic vibe.  The masculine art-decor console table and pink upholstered brass bench under the window play nicely with each other and set the tone for the whole house.


Here is a close-up look of that pink upholstered bench. The brass on the legs of the pink bench talks to the gold touches on wall scones, door handles, adding a touch of sophisticated luxury to this home.


Another thing we feel pretty impressed is that the design team used teal, pink, purple and blue to temper the high contrast of black and white rather than with neutral tones, which is  fun, interesting  and youthful.  This fun yet elegant color scheme may reflect the high fashion style and personality of the clients themselves.



We love how this minimalism over-sized white chandelier in the dining room  not only  nicely contrasts with classical furnishings here but also ease our eye and help highlight the patterns on the wallpaper and flooring.  The Hollywood-inspired  white lacquered ceiling is super glamorous. Kelley Westerly’s modern wallpaper adds a movement and energy to this classical dining room.

Now let’s go to the second floor.


We are very pleased to see that the vibe on the second floor is calming, serene and soothing.  We love tone-on-tone layered look in this master bedroom. The black trims on the bedding and draperies give this room a contour look.  The tufted grayish velvet loveseat with translucent lacquer legs brings lightness and fashion  to the space.


We love this Zen and minimalism  feel in this master bath. And you can tour the rest of the house by clicking here

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