Home Tour–An Organic and Modern Manse with a French Influence


We were on a Zoom meeting about color this morning. The guest speakers for the discussion panel are renown designers either from fashion or interior design industry.   It is interesting to see how they react so differently to different colors. So the conclusion here is that color is a  very personal thing and is all about the contexts.  Same is true for home styles. What really speaks to you matters the most. Our mission here is to share as many different styles  as we can, styles  that inspire us and touch our heart.  Often, we  also give your suggestions on how to achieve these looks by our handpicked products and tips.  One of the strong trends we see over this pandemic crisis is that people are eager to create a refugee that is organic, quiet and layered. So today, we are going to take you to this amazing home tour—an organic and modern manse with a romantic French influence.   This is a  five-bedroom manse in McLean, Virginia. This home is traditional and French-influenced  outside while having an  organic and modern feel inside. The home is owned by  NHL star T.J.and his wife Lauren Oshie. Here are  the highlights of our favorite spaces.





Can you feel the nice summer breeze in this entry? We do. The tone-on-tone cream monochrome color palette makes this entry  airy, light and open. the mixing of wood, stone, leather add texture and depth to the space while the greenery on the display table burst live into  the space.  The vibe in this entry is quiet, sophisticated and inviting.

Living Room


The tone-on-tone cream color scheme continues to play in the first and second living room.  The white linen slip-covered  sofas are tailored and relaxing.




We love this open plan kitchen. The oak-wood pantry and ceiling beams together with rattan bar chairs and iron lantern pendants  bring in French farm house vibe in a modern way.

Breakfast Nook


This light-filled breakfast nook is such a dream place to start a day.  The curved shapes and rectangular lines balance off with each other here.  The hand-crafted ceramic vases on the oval table bring in fun and interest.


Dining Room


The extra long rectangular wood table with iron legs, the slip-covered dining chairs, the glass globe chandelier work together to create this ultimate organic modern vibe  in this super neat dining room.



This white-on-white master bedroom has a soothing and relaxing coastal vibe. We love the layered bedding and clean-lined plaster chandelier. The bench in front of the bed adds another layer of relaxing sophistication.

You can visit the rest of the house by clicking here.

Shop the Look:




















Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 7.51.41 PM

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 7.53.28 PM









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Happy Thursday



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