7 Ways to Update Your Home at the Time of Post-Covid19

With  hunkering  down  at  home for so long, we all are so desperate to expect something new, exciting and inspirational particularly in our home.  Chances are most of us probably  will spend most of time at home in the near future.  With opening of most of businesses, we were able to visit some home decor showrooms recently just to please our eye.  The feeling is fresh and great!  And of course, we wore the facial cover and kept social distance all the time during the visits.   So here are some our takes to update your home to inspire and cheer you up  during  post-covid19.

1. Floral Sofa


Floral or patterned  sofas are really a thing now. They are playful, casual, relaxing and making a statement. They cheer up your mood in a second and make you feel that a party is going on all the time.   The secret here is to keep the forms or shapes of sofas modern and minimalism if you are not passionate about collecting your grandma’s furniture.


2. Art on Wallpaper.


Installing an art gallery atop of wallpaper is pretty cool and interesting. And it often give a space kind of cocoon  feel with a touch of sophistication.  What we recommend here is that if your choose traditional-patterned  wallpaper, go for some abstract contemporary artworks and vice versa.

3. Mix and Match.



Another way to make your home feel interesting and layered is to have a vintage rug to anchor your all-modern seating area. By doing so, it shows that you have such a trained eye for beautiful things.


4. Embroidered Decorative Pillows.


The little details all matter and they make  home look fancier and more luxury.

5.  Dare to Use Dark Moody Color


Have a room with a dark moody color palette to cozy yourself up. But make sure to some punches of color to keep yourself feel happy and cheerful.

6. A Touch of Acrylic and Brass.





Acrylic and brass either on furniture legs or decorative hardware,  they are chic, modern and elegant, the secret weapon to light up any space with  a youthful energy.

7. Organic Form


We always feel those organic-look dishware often encourages a healthy diet like eating the real food and whole food. Specially right now during this pandemic crisis, a healthy diet will help boost our immune system. So make sure for your next kitchen purchase, include  some organic-feel or hand-crafted porcelain dinnerware.


Shop the Look(Click Each Image for details):

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Happy Monday



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