Tour a Classic Pre-War NYC Apartment With a Modern and Clean-Line Vibe


I was trying to get some design inspiration after another  long day filled with  zoom meetings.   Then  I was pleased to find this adorable apartment with a classical bone and modern touches all over the house.  Here are the highlights of our favorite spaces.




We love the neutral tone in this entry.  The sleek black-top console is perfect for this narrow hallway while the artwork featured with  ocean injects calming and expansive feel. The leopard running on the stairs is for sure the super star here—chic and glamorous.

Living Room


Then there are some pops of color after a neutral-tone entry–it’s artsy, vibrant and relaxing at the same time.  Different styles of the chairs, sofa and daybed create different seating zones and they are all very cozy, intimate and relaxing.  We love India Mahdavi’s cheerful velvet lounge chairs here.

Family Room


This was a original dining-room.  Now it is a family room with a built-in library. We love how floral-patterned sofa contrasts with a modern  Saarinen dining table. The scale, proportion and contrast work together to please our eye.




Thanks to the plumbing situation in this house, the kitchen really cannot be expanded that much. But this is a perfect example on how to create a handsome kitchen with a limited space. The black-lacquer kitchen cabinetry is chic and glamorous. The original wood flooring was painted into black-and-white checkered pattern to match the kitchen cabinetry.



The vivid orange vanity and playful Pierre Frey wallpaper create a happy and whimsy powder-room. As you can see, a powder room is often where risks are taken and magical happens.


Master Bath



The mirrored vanity is feminine, sophisticated and glamorous. We love the simple geometric pattern on the floor. It brings in masculine (yang)energy to play with the Yin energy of the mirrored vanity.


You can visit the rest of the house by clicking here


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Entry  Furnishing Package

The Modern Classic House 1







Living Room  Furnishing Package

The Modern Classic House 1




Happy Tuesday

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