A Day in Little Tokyo / Art District


Last weekend we did a small walk in China Town, DTLA.  It’s quite amazing experience and we quite like the authenticity of China Town and cannot wait to go back to get some Dim-sum.  This weekend we decided to visit Little Tokyo to check out what life look like during Post-COVID19. 

Little Tokyo also known as Little Tokyo Historic District, is an ethnically Japanese American district in downtown Los Angeles and the heart of the largest Japanese-American population in North America. With roots dating to the 1880s, Little Tokyo is a major cultural and civic center for Japanese Americans living in Southern California.  It is one of  only three official Japan towns in the United States.   Before COVID-19, we often came here to visit museums, restaurants, bars and all kinds of art events.  Read on for our walking tour today in Little Tokyo.




1IMG_5804 (1)

On the way to walk to Little Tokyo, we first stopped by Art District since they are just next to each other.  Every time, we are here, I will often take a selfie with these amazing street Graffiti.  And it is not just me. Everybody who visit Art District does the same thing. It has been becoming kind of a social media sensation now.




Now we were in Little Tokyo and you can tell Japanese sign on each of the store. 



IMG_6043We always love to take time to look at these Japanese calligraphy.  Japanese calligraphy is one of the most celebrated and revered forms of artistic expression within Japanese culture. Also known as Shodo, which translates to “the way of writing,” the tradition of calligraphy was first brought to Japan by China in the 6th century A.D. Since, a style and technique unique to Japan formed, and it has been practiced by samurai, nobility, and ordinary people since.




From here, we started to see some fresh store fronts with very cool design, the colorful and cute design contrasts with the traditional dark wood and dark color theme. 




Looks like these street wall murals are pretty new!




Love this cheerful red! Red is my color today.




We will have to say these colorful umbrellas are  such a genius idea to create a great outdoor shading space–chic, easy and fun.



It is so good to see that restaurants are re-opening. They all take some measures for social distancing.






Now, we walked into one of our favorite shopping village.



People were enjoying a sunny afternoon.



Yummy Japanese pastries!




Mikawaya  is a  long-standing Japanese ice cream & sweets shop famed for its various flavors of mochi rice cakes.  It has the most authentic Japanese Mochi icecream.  If you have an opportunity to come here, don’t miss it. Click hereto learn more about Japanese deserts.




Shabu Shabu House is another our favorite restaurant  in Little Tokyo.  Locals line up at this no-nonsense spot for cook-it-yourself Japanese shabu-shabu with ponzu sauce.





It is so much fun to see people here dressing up in cosplay costumes.





We had such a great time in Little Tokyo. Now it’s time for us to walk back to Art District.





Hope you all enjoy this Little Tokyo walk. See you next time.


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Happy Father’s Day


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