5 Ways to Dress Up Chic and Pretty for the 4th of July 2020

With approaching of the 4th July next weekend, it is that time again to wear the festive patriotic theme of red, white, blue, stars , stripes and sparkles with some fun. Life is about celebrating each moment to make them memorable. Today, we are going to share 5 ways to dress up for 4th July in style without being too cheesy and overboard. Read on to find out how.

  1. Red: Pair washed-up blue jeans with a red feminine ruffled top, finish the look with a on-trend woven handbag to create a chic, organic and festive summer vibe. This out will look great when you stroll around the city.

Or put up a sporty red jacket earlier morning outdoors contrasting with a white pair of polished high heels. This outfit will be perfect for any contemporary outdoor living space with a lot of white and black.

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2. Blue–Just dressing up in all shades of blue for a staying-at-home casual look or a backyard picnic / alfresco dining.

Floral patterns in these blue dresses are romantic and lady-like. These blue dresses will look super chic with surroundings of chinoieserie, fresh flowers, fruits and greenery.

4. White—a white long cotton dress is dreamy, hippie and bohemian. It is perfect for a pretty summer garden luncheon. The sparkling stars on the hat(below) hint the celebration of 4th July.

5. Stripes—Somehow, stripes often invoke a chilled and relaxed look by the beach. That is how summer officially starts.

Hope you feel excited and inspired to dress up for this 4th July celebration.

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Happy Saturday


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