Greater Outdoor Living I–Friday Vibes

Think about your 4th July celebration? We know that we will continue to stay at home and enjoy our backyard life besides earlier morning hiking. Just in case you have a similar plan, we will kick off our 4th July outdoor series from today. Why not? It’s summer time. New design styles and ideas for outdoor living is blooming like no time particularly under the current pandemic crisis. Read on for our thoughts on sprucing up your outdoor living game.

  1. Chicken coops are a thing now.

Raising backyard chickens is becoming increasingly popular during this strange time. Just think about that you kind of live in a dreamy country life seeing chickens roaming and roosting in your backyard and you are even able to serve organic, all-natural multicolored eggs to your family direct from your backyard. How cool can it be!

2. Earthy pots and planters are on-trend. They add casual, rustic and relaxing vibes to your backyard. Plus, pots made of natural materials and in neutral colors don’t distract from the beauty of the plants.

And if you don’t consider yourself a gardener, potted plants are a great entry point to embrace gardening.

3. Vertical Gardening is becoming popular for small outdoor spaces. A little creativity can turn any plain wall into a beautiful garden of herbs, flowers & succulents.

4. Bring indoors out by curating an outdoor space that’s both chic and comfortable. To have a cozy indoor-like outdoor space often starts with a good floor plan. Then you need to arrange groups of seating, focal points, serving stations and walkways…etc.

5. Outdoor daybed is on the rise now since it creates a resort-feel and injects a sense of “luxe” to any outdoor living space.

To be continued.

Before we wrap today’s blog, here is our recommendation for your Friday outdoor cocktail :

Stay Happy and Stay Safe

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