A Historic Palm Beach Villa with a Modern Twist

The first impression when we came across this 1920 estate in Palm Beach is that we really love its classical details in both its architecture structure and interior furnishings yet the house is quite clean and modern at the same time. Here are our favorite highlights for this home.

The light greenish blue tufted banquet in the corner is such a style killer in this living room. The fringe at the bottom of the banquet adds extra layer of sophistication. We love how this high-style custom-made banquet sits atop of the original Terra-cottoca flooring to create that casual, cool and relaxing vibe. The patterns and colors of those decorative pillows on the banquet are chic, feminine and inviting. Two of skirted ottomans look adorable and elegant to host a tray, books and you are also able to just put your feet up here for a relaxing afternoon.

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The color palette in the creamy white living room is calming and quiet thanks to all of the muted pastels and wood finishes in the furniture. the brass pendants and chandelier finish the overall look with a touch of glamor. The wicker chairs add warmth and organic feel to the space. The layered-up patterns and textures are fun and playful.

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The dining area is intimate and inviting with a couple of catching -the -eye features—such as an unique Magnolia pendant, chippendale chairs and a vintage teak table sitting atop the original terra-cotta floors.

The kitchen backsplash truly makes this all-white kitchen alive. The brass on the pendants adds warmth and luxury feel.

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Again, we love the creamy white paints across the whole house which help create a quiet and elegant backdrop for the furnishings to stand out. The acrylic chandelier with brass joints is glamorous.

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Mosaic wall and floor tiling and Aspar white marble countertops brighten the space while a lime-washed door adds depth and warmth to this master bath.

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Hope you enjoy this home tour. To check out the rest of the house, please click here.

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