Great Outdoor Living II—-Lu Lu Powers’ Charming Outdoor Kitchen

Two years ago, Quintessence visited Lulu Power’s home in Los Angeles. The house is full of color, pattern, books, greenery and fresh flowers. And we totally fell in love with her outdoor bar—small, neat, layered with full of charm. If you haven’t heard about Lulu Power, here is a little info about her on her instagram: The Entertainologist. Cooker,Creator,Cocktail maker. Food Editor for House Beautiful. She is a well-known entertainer and we were very lucky to go to many events entertained by her before COVID-19. With approaching of 4th of July, we probably will have to stay at home again and spend quite some in our backyard for celebration. So we all need some inspiration to make sure we will have some fun time. We kicked off our great out series last Friday. If you haven’t read it, you can click here to learn more. Today is our series 2. And yes we will talk about Lulu’s outdoor bar by sharing Quintessence’s youtube video below. Before we share the video, here are several things we think that really make her outdoor bar so cool:

  1. Minimize maintenance by using quartz surface such as Caesarstone. Pay attention to the custom-made sink by Caesarstone in the video. A little note from us regarding to the countertop for outdoor kitchen: Quartz is usually not a good pick for outdoor countertop. As long as quartz is sheltered, it can be safely installed in outdoor kitchens, gazebos, and lounge areas. The goal is to protect the surfaces, whether they’re slabs or floor tiles, from constant exposure to sunlight. In a backyard bar, you can surround the sink with quartz countertops as long as they’re covered.
  2. Always have storage systems such as drawers and open shelves to host your outdoor stuff.
  3. A chef bag on the hand will always help organizing all of the things.
  4. Have some beautiful hand-made tiles to decorate those exterior walls particularly for a small space to create a drama.
  5. Stylish wicker outdoor pool furniture with indoor-like fabric ,for sure, will elevate your space even though you only have a small pond.
  6. Always layer your space to make it fun, interesting no matter it is a indoor or outdoor space, or how small and how big it is.
  7. A beautiful patterned tablecloth is often the final touch to create the mood you exactly desire to create for your outdoor cocktail party. We love that lavender tablecloth she used in the video–just so chic and romantic. And those lavender tall tapered candles on the table add another layer of elegance.
  8. Always keep learning on new recipes for your backyard cocktails.

Here are some Lulu’s signature cocktail recipes in the video:

And here is the video:

Hope you are inspired just like us and get some great ideas for your 4th July backyard celebration.

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