Celebrate Color of Red at Home

We celebrate patriotic colors of blue, red and white at home this week. We talked about blue yesterday. If you haven’t read it, you can click here to learn more . So, today we are going to talk about color of red at home. Red is one of our favorite colors—it can be romantic, feminine, warm, energetic, cheerful, happy, fashion-forward. When used in kitchens and dining rooms, color of red can sure enhance our asperities. Red has the longest wavelength of any color. It’s the first color babies can see and it’s the very first color to vanish as the sun sets.

Alessandra Branca is one of our favorite designers who master using color of red in their work. We love her classical and whimsical way to decorate her clients’ home with color of red. Read on to take some inspiration from her gorgeous projects.

  1. Red textured wall-covering often gives a room a sumptuous and sophisticated classical vibe.

A red wall-covering in the above picture, anchoring and calming the living room, balances well with all of the patterned textiles and rug.

When the red wall-covering used in a small space, it adds a sense of highsyle and glamor to the space.

An red accent wall brightens up this seating area.

2. Lacquered red on a built-in bookshelf unit or walls inject a dose of high style, energy and happiness to any room.

3. Red Greek dining chairs perfectly accentuate this super cozy and whimsical dining room.

4. A lovely red love seat against navy blue wall is fashion-forward and sexy.

5. Here is the thing about pink pairing with red. It is chic, feminine, and romantic.

Alessandra Branca

6. The red lampshades add warmth and style to the creamy neutral room.

7. When red pairs with dark chocolate, it creates a softer ,warmer and sophisticated feel compared with the pairing of red and black.

Inspired to add some red to your home, check out Benjamin Moor’s most loved reds:

Shop Chic Red Home Furnishings We handpicked for you:

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Happy Wednesday


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