Things We Love– a Splash of Bright Red at Your Entry

Today we continue Things We Love series. If you haven’t read our series 1, you can click here to learn more. At this pandemic time, it has never been so important to create a home we can truly enjoy and appreciate, a home that is calming and energizing us at the same time. The color of July is bright red. Heavy on the chroma and attitude, the color of bright red is exactly what the world needs to keep moving forward. It is the classic in fashion and definitely can add excitement to an interior space, or exterior for that matter, with the warmth of its undertone. We particularly love the idea to add a splash of bright color at an entry. A bright red decorated entry is filled with symbolism including entry to happiness and good fortune, as a portal of welcome, and signaling a place of nourishment and safe haven.

Entry Door

Entry Wall

A making-s-statement red console in an entry.

A splash of red can be on a contemporary artwork to create that wow factor at the entry.

Red on striped wallpaper , lampshades and traditional chairs to infuse a touch of sophistication to an entry.

Red on wallpaper, artwork and decorative pillows to create a cohesive vibe.

Hope you love this idea too.

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Happy Friday

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