Saturday Hiking

Sometimes, the best plan comes out of no plan. We planned another hiking trail in San Gabriel valley today and it was closed today. So we went to nearby Santa Fe Dam. We are not really keen for this area. Every time, we passed by on 605 Freeway, we always saw those hard-core cyclists riding by and they kind of beat down by the sun all the time since there are no trees and no any shades at all. But it turned out the other side of the dam is such a heaven.

This is the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, which is a county park located in Irwindale, CaliforniaUSA, in the San Gabriel Valley, inside the Santa Fe Dam.. The dam is a flood-control dam on the San Gabriel River. The dam functions as a dry dam most of the time.

We feel so good we were here earlier in the morning. It is so fascinated to see the morning glows shining through the trees and onto the grass.

The dam is actually pretty popular tourist attraction, most likely due to the views of the San Gabriel Mountains. Recreational activities at the park include seasonal swimmingfishing, non-motorized boatingcycling, birdwatching, and hiking.

We really enjoyed this running stream and had so much fun to play with water.

We like this recreation park because we can do a good solid hike in its wildness area on the one side of the lake and come back to the park area to enjoy a beautiful lake view and have a picnic on the nice and clean grass.

It is fascinated to see these beautiful wild flowers around the lake banks.

There are some beautifully framed scenery around the lake. And it is perfect time to just pause here and take in all of these photo-scenic views.

Do you see the dragonfly in this photo?

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday too.

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