Things We Love III—3 Easy Ways to Beautify Your Home with High Style

We have started new blog series a week ago –Things We Love. Each time, we focus on several ideas and things to elevate and transform your home in a rather construction-free way. You can click here for series I and click here for series II. Read on for another 3 new ideas to beautify your home.

  1. Swapping out your old side tables, bar chairs with Lucite furniture. You are going to be amazed how these adorable Lucite furniture fresh up your space with visual interest in no time.
lucite furniture
lucite dining chairs nodern dining table

Lucite furiture makes the space feel airy, open and light.

lucite bar stools

These stylish Lucite bar chairs infuse a touch of glam and lightness into this modern kitchen.

lucite coffee table

Lucite furniture makes a space feel chic and fashion-forward.

lucite ladder
lucite dinng chairs with classical table

You can click here to read 9 benefits about Lucite furniture.

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Note: All products featured on KHK Designs blogs are independently selected by us. Some of the links mentioned on this page are affiliate links. That means, when you use those links to buy products, we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. That way we can run this website for years to come.

2. Think about a single large upholstered ottoman or several smaller ones to scatter around to function both as a coffee tables and extra seats. These ottomans can add interesting pattern, texture, color to your space. And you may choose ones with storage function.

Shop Unique Ottomans We handpicked just for You( Click Each Image for Details)

3. Think about having some chic chinoiserie pieces. From traditional to modern, chinoiserie goes well with every look and adds a sense of timelessness and sophistication to any space. It can be as simple as elegant chinoiserie wallpaper, pillows, or blue-and-white vases.

We love how this classical chinoiserie wallpaper nicely contrasts with modern furnishings in the house.

Ready to add a touch of chinoserie chic at your home for this summer? Shop chinosserie furnishings and objects We handpicked for you(click each image for details):

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Happy Tuesday

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