Friday Vibes

We probably all have certain stay-at-home fatigue. But life is about celebrating every moment. Just In case you kind of need some fresh ideas to get motivated to plan your weekend, read on to see what inspires us.

Country Life

Having a chicken coup may help us slow down life a little bit and forget what’s going on outside of the crazy world.


Flowers and food always go hands with hands.

It is always about how to present.

We are thinking to have a water melon cocktail party this weekend. How about you?


The colors of these drinks are just amazing!

Fashion and Beautiful Tabletop

It’s all about pattern-on-pattern from Rich-toned bohemian tablecloth, elegant blue-and-white to the modernized large leaf pattern on the dress.

Outdoor Living Space

This is such a casual and relaxing outdoor sitting area with an organic vibe.

Love the butterfly pattern.

Such a cute and cheerful color palette for this outdoor sitting area.

Shop Life Style ( Click Each Image to Learn More)

Happy Friday

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