15 Chic Living Rooms with a Touch of Red

Our color of in July is red. We have being talked about it for a while. Color of red is cheerful, warm, fashion-forward. At the same time, it can be romantic, classic and moody. Today we are going to share 15 living rooms. with a touch of red.

Iconic Lip Sofa

When we talk about color of red at home, the first thing that comes out of mind is probably Dali’s iconic lip sofa. Around 1935, Spanish artist Salvador Dalí saw something special in the face of movie star Mae West: an apartment. In a watercolor, he turned her blonde curls into portières, her eyes into paintings, her nose into a fireplace, and her lips into a divan. The last was a furnishing so provocative that British arts patron Edward James requested a three-dimensional version. The rest is the history.

The lip sofa is just such a sculptural piece that make a focal point at any space.

Red on Artworks

Often thought to be the most emotionally charged color, red tones carry heavy symbolism and meaning. One of the boldest colors in the spectrum, red stands out in any work of art. Red is used to contrast with its surroundings, drawing the viewer’s attention

Red On the Furniture

Red lacquered coffee table, red lovely lounge chairs, red curved elegant sofa are romantic and playful at the same time. They for sure light up our mood.

Lighting Fixture in Color of Red

One of the strong trends in 2020 is that we start to see more and more bright red finish on lighting fixtures. They create a very fresh and modern feel but keep the space warm, cozy and inviting.

Happy Monday


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