6 Reasons Why We Love Pink Dining Chairs

Pink is a pale shade of red that is named after a flower of the same name. It was first used as a color name in the late 17th century. According to surveys in Europe and the United States, pink is the color most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity and romance. 

And today, pink has became a new neutral thanks to its versatility and multi-dimensional shades. Benjamin Moore’s 2020 Color of the Year, First Light 2102-70, is a soft, rosy pink hue.

The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. So when used in the home, pink can create an instant welcoming energy, filling the space with a vibrant glow and love. Specially in your kitchen, the room where you nurture and replenish, color of pink can be a perfect choice. When the weather warms up, pink is a beautiful, summery color to incorporate into your kitchen. And when the weather cools down, pops of pink in your kitchen will keep you feeling warm just a little bit longer. It’s a win/win.

A soft and subtle shade of rose is nurturing and cozy if looking to create a serene space, while a bold shade of fuschia will instantly give your kitchen a new lease on life. Whichever shade you choose, this romantic and versatile color can create a number of different creative looks that are bursting with personality.

One f the ways to think pink in your kitchen, breakfast nook, island and dining room is to choose pink dining chairs or pink bar stools. Here are 6 reasons why we can not get enough of pink. Read on to find out why.

1.Pink dining chairs in a farm house add a touch of romance and modernity.

Pink chairs add a touch of elegance to this modern farm house.

2. Pink dining chairs in a all-white kitchen soften the overall-look with warmth and comfort.

These stylish pink chairs warm up this all-white polished kitchen.
These stylish pink chairs warm up this all-white polished kitchen.
These stylish pink chairs and brass finishes warm up this all-white polished kitchen.

3. Combining pink with other darker colors such as dark blue, dark green, black or gray, adds strength and sophistication to pink.

Pink dining chairs light up this moody dark dining room.
Pink chairs here pairing with dark blue velvet drapery are elegant.
These stylish curved pink chairs are a focal-point in this dining room with a dark floor.

The dining chairs with a scallop shape are absolutely gorgeous.

4. Color of pink goes extremely well with brass to create that ultimate chic and glamorous feel. It’s fresh , fun, class and timelessness, balancing the softness of the pink with the coolness of the metal.

5. Pink chairs and chinoiserie decor create an elegant , sophisticated and quiet vibe in your breakfast nook, which makes you want to spend more time here just for a therapeutic reason.

6.Pink chairs can either blend so well with other colors or stand out nicely in your kitchen,dining room and breakfast nook.

A bold shade of fuschia will instantly give your kitchen a new lease on life.
A bold shade of fuschia will instantly give your kitchen a new lease on life.

Ready to fresh up your home with a touch of sophistication and glamor, check out the following stunning pink chairs we handpicked for you( click each image for the details):


Happy Wednesday


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