Tour A Modern-Meet-Asia Home in New York City

Designer Vicente Wolf is well known for his soothing and light tone-on- tone color palette, the casual, relaxing yet stylish furnishing arrangements and to-the-details design approach. What even more fascinating about his design is his way to incorporate Asia influences to the interiors to bring in a touch of Zen to calm the spaces. Today we are going to tour one of his projects in New York City—actress Julianna Margulies’s Home.


Vicente Wolf Assoc. decorated the New York apartment of actress Julianna Margulies and her husband, Keith Lieberthal. Margulies is wearing a couture dress by Ulyana Sergeenko.

We love how the yellow on the art of the entry-wall pops up from the light neutral surroundings and hints a surprise and the unexpected. A large format artwork often do a trick in the entry to draw the attention of the guests.

Living Room

The living area is anchored by a sofa covered in a Larsen fabric. The African carved post and Portuguese Colonial candlesticks standing at the window are from VW Home, as are the Burmese side table and the hand sculpture; the lounge chair is by B&B Italia, and the carpet is by Doris Leslie Blau.

We have to say that a curved sofa truly takes this comfy living room to another level. The curved shapes often make people feel safe and relaxing.

This white-on-white kitchen is compact, function and adorable. We love the open shelves to showcase client’s dinnerware. A ceiling hung metal shelving unit is such a genius way for kitchen storage system—functional and stylish.

Greys, taupe and cremes make this breakfast nook warm, intimate, cozy and inviting. And a fresh flower arrangement on the breakfast table infuses energy and love into the space.

The dark brown envelops the home office room with a sense of poise, Zen and depth. Who wouldn’t focus here? The pattern on the roman-shade eases up the dark seriousness with some cheers.

You can visit the rest of the home by clicking here

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