Tour An Elegant and Modern California Farm House

If you are going to have a second home–a vocation home, how would you like it to be? We guess 99% of people would love this vocation home cozy, relaxing and a cool place to chill out. Today we are going to tour an elegant modern farmhouse in Montecito, California. Here are the highlights of our favorites.


There is a main house, comprising the family’s bedrooms and personal living spaces; a guesthouse; and a barn, which the designer, Alexandriuk, transformed into a multifunctional space for charity fundraisers, holiday gatherings, and an overflow of friends and family who can’t necessarily be accommodated by the guesthouse alone.

Dining Room

This long dining table is the exactly the reason why we fall in love with this house. Somehow a long expansive table often makes a space feel bigger. And it must feel good to sit here. The artwotk on the wall and the lighting fixture over the table are just amazing.

Living Room

We love this massive fireplace in this living room, which makes the space quite characteristic. The tufted sofa, reading chair and lounging chair create an rather intimate one to balance off the massive scale of the fireplace.

Home Office

Every piece in this home office is work of the art.

Master Bedroom

We love this neutral-toned bedroom with pops of color to bring in some excitements.

Overall, we love the elegant yet livable vibes of this farm house.

You can click here to visit the rest of the house.

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