Tour A Glamorous New York Family Home

A glamorous home is quite often well balanced which means there are interesting contrasts between muted and vibrant, texture and plain, vintage and contemporary, classical and modern. And at the end of the day, it is all about who live in the home and what is their story. We came across this glamorous New York family home and simply love its vibes–interesting but quiet, glam but elegant, vintage but fresh, classical but modern. Here are some of our favorites.


We love the classical white and black color palette. The brass touch adds warmth to this all white-paneling entry. Faux marble flooring is a quite interesting idea, specially a good idea for the high-rising–a natural marble look without the concern of the weight.

Living Room

It is interesting that most people would like a neutral color palette at where they spend the most time just like above living room. It has such a soothing tone yet the pattern on the side chair instantly brings in some personality. And our eye is quite pleased by this interesting contrast.

Again, we love this neutral-toned color palette. Yet the texture on the sofa and rug make the space feel rich, warm and layered.


It is such an interesting mixing-and-matching of color and materials in this small kitchen. The white wall cabinets make the space feel airy and open while the wood base cabinets anchor the kitchen. The Lucite bar chairs are chic and modern.

Kid’s Bedroom

Who doesn’t love this vibrant wall-covering?

Master Bedroom

We love how the neural upholstered wall helps create such an quiet and warm elegant atmosphere.

And this dark pink vintage brass upholstered chair is quite stylish.

You can visit the rest of the home by clicking here.

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