Tour Supermodel Kendall Jenner’s Tranquil Los Angeles Home

Just opposite to her glamorous run-way style, supermodel Kendall Jenner’s LA home is relaxing, loose, organic, warm and tranquil. Here are some of our favorites.

Living Room

The plaster floor-to-the-ceiling fireplace is always a focal point in any room. The floral pillows just add such an elegant vibe to the space in earthy tones.

Art Studio

The large windows are always a big plus since they bring in a lot of natural light. The French-pleated drapes here for sure make this art studio look neat and stylish. It is always a great idea that you can have a room to paint, write and do some craft works for your hobbies and for the purpose of meditation.

Master Bedroom

We love the minimalism color palette in this bedroom filled with natural light. The rug and bed throw add the layer, texture and warmth.

Here is the seating area in the master bedroom–our favorite space. We just love the coziness created by the neutral colors, texture and natural light. The stone coffee table is organic and interesting. And a pair of Italian wood door panels add interest to the space.

Is this a kitchen that make you cook? Totally different from the popular white-on-white kitchens, this kitchen somehow loose you a little bit thanks to its inviting turquoise cabinets, all the wood stools and hanging copper pots .

Yes, we love this lash, green and laid-back outdoor space. a great place to chill out a little bit at the end of the day.

Hope you enjoy this home tour.

You can visit the rest of the house by clicking here.

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Happy Thursday

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