Sherwin-Williams Colormix® Color Forecast 2021–Rhythm of Color

Each year from September, it is often the season for the major paint companies to introduce their color trends of the next year. With Covid-19 pandemic this year, we are truly looking for something fresh to get inspired.

Sherwin-Williams just launched their theme of color trends in 2021— Rhythm . Rhythm is the secret to how the natural world stays in step. The same sense of balance applies to our personal sense of nature through how we live — and how we design. Fast and slow. Quiet and expressive. Virtual and physical. See it take shape in 40 trend colors, presented in four palettes designed to bring your own rendition of rhythm to beautiful life.

There are a collection of 40 hues across four palettes that celebrate the Rhythm of Color for the year 2021 – the balance between fast and slow, quiet and expressive, and virtual and physical. The forecast is designed to bring the pulse of color to any space: Sanctuary, Encounter, Continuum and Tapestry.


Nature’s ability to cultivate wellness and calm is more welcome than ever. The nurturing hues of this palette, including warm neutrals and natural tones, forge the connection between the modern built environment and the living world.

Influences of this color palette:


  • Wellness + Biophilia
  • Nesting
  • Warm Minimalism
  • Scandinavian Design


Layers of local character — rooted in culture and artisan craft — create an authentic sense of place. The rich but muted hues in this palette convey that heritage quality and the value of simple, meaningful experiences.


  • Hyperlocal
  • Modern Bohemian
  • Natural Materials
  • Storytelling


The optimism and imagination of mid-century modernists inspired designs that reached high into the sky and deep into the sea. This palette of white, charcoal and pops of color celebrates that spirit as it bounds fearlessly into the future.


  • Synthetic + Natural
  • Sea + Space
  • Sculptural Modernism
  • Engineered Environment


Exuberance meets restraint in today’s more curated take on maximalism. The vibrancy of this palette — including lavish pinks and greens — finds inspiration in classicism, but with just a touch of cutting edge.


  • Security
  • Creative Expression
  • Classic Revisited
  • Sensory Exploration

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